Piano: Jay D'Amico

Bass: Greg D'Amico 

Drums: Bill Dubrow

Violin: Sam Bardfeld

Recording Engineer: Scott Hollingsworth

The Fairy Hoax


Dulcie: Sara Jayne Blackmore

Francis: Noah Zachary

Henry: Joshua Rouah

Vivian: Whitney Bashor

Adult Francis: Joshua Rouah

Adult Dulcie: Whitney Bashor

a new musical 
words by TOM DIGGS
music by JAY D'AMICO

Copyright 2014. The Fairy Hoax. All rights reserved.


  • Eyes so blue2:40

  • Dream Away Home4:07

  • Please2:11

  • The Safest Place3:21

  • Once Upon a Wind0:44

  • Did you know that?2:13

  • Man To Man2:01